Workshop facilitation

Alongside my studio practice, I also facilitate sculptural and installation workshops for children and young people.


Problem Solver at Hackney Wicked

I was invited by the Hackney Wicked development programme to lead a day-long workshop at Netil House for 10 and 11 year olds. Together we explored the potential of ‘fast-sculpture’, movement and den-building to create artworks that could be physically inhabited by the maker and viewer.


Moving sculpture

I was lead artist for an after-school club for children in East London, creating ‘transformable’ sculptures and props for animated GIFS. We explored how artworks could take on several forms, being packed away and unfurled to create many options.


Clark and Oiticica

I was invited to propose and deliver a scheme of work to primary school students focusing on Brazilian artists. The students looked at the perspective bending sculptures of Lygia Clark, and the wearable ‘Parangoles’ of Helio Oiticica - creating artworks for their bodies.